"after the red wedding, frank and I thought everything would go back to normal."

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Richard talks about wanting to shoot a movie in India

Just imagine if he got a Bollywood-esque role:

  • the dancing
  • the singing and dancing (possibly around tress and building pillars)
  • the fighting scenes (bloody and full of testosterone)
  • the fighting in the rain (then takes his clothes off cause it’s wet)
  • winning the fighting then dancing and singing

just imagine 






the best headline i’ve ever read.

yes. apparently a kid was screaming in line behind him about wanting pie, so he bought every single one. 23 pies. then slowly ate them as he stared at the kid and kid’s mom.

This is amazing

OKAY so my mom found this article (or one about the same event) on Facebook. Basically what happened was, this guy went into BK with a headache, and while he was in line this kid and his mother enter the restaurant. The kid begins throwing a fit, screaming (I quote) “I want a fucking pie!” This is a child, mind you. His mother, on the phone, ignores the kid. The man’s headache got worse because of this screaming kid and he asked the woman if she could control her child. She told him to stop telling him how to raise her kid and went back to talking on the phone. So the guy orders his burger and all the pies they had- 23. He proceeded to the exit, only to hear the woman yell, “What do you mean, you don’t have any pies?” The cashier helplessly points out the man who bought all the pies. Our hero, to rub salt in the wound, slowly starts eating a pie before leaving.

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"Michael Palin’s the one that, no matter how much we hate the others at any given point, everybody likes."  Terry Gilliam

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robin williams was like that uncle you didn’t see often but when you did he’d always make you smile and you remembered nothing but good things… i didn’t expect to feel this one so much

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Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.
July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014

Thank you for bringing joy into my childhood and life with your voice and acting. Thank you for your contagious jokes, your wacky impersonations, and amazing acting. Thank you for making my childhood experience better, and thank you for bringing joy to those even though you battled with your own joy. If only you could have known how much you’ve impacted people. Your life work will live on, and you will never be forgotten. I know I won’t forget you. Thank you for helping me whenever I felt sad and having a film for every mood. Gone, but never forgotten.

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